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“We started using AEM
contract manufacturing for cable assemblies on our security products, and have expanded to printed circuit board assemblies and turnkey finished products. AEM’s design and manufacturing process engineers have helped us design and produce high reliability products on time and at a competitive cost, giving us an important advantage. AEM is the specialist in supply chain management.

Joe Deconinck
Director of Engineering
Vanguard Protex Global

AEM is your Contract Manufacturing specialist – with the full resources needed to provide custom and private-label manufacturing of products ranging from individual components to complete systems ready for sale. By providing services like product design, testing and packaging through a single source, AEM further streamlines the process, reduces your costs, and speeds your time-to-market.

AEM brings together all of the elements needed to ensure the success of your Contract Manufacturing Project:

  • A multi-disciplinary in-house team – including product managers, quality control, testing, and process engineers, electronics engineers, document control/CAD drafting staff, and logistics staff.
  • Complete oversight of the manufacturing process – from the time your designs are ready for prototyping, to final manufacture, testing and delivery. To ensure process manufacturing reliability, we start with a functional, reliable design and then use a manufacturing approach that optimizes product reliability. By validating and testing the design and manufacturing process before full production begins, we streamline the process, reduce waste, improve cost-efficiency, and deliver end products of exceptional quality and reliability.
  • Hands-on project management – taking full responsibility for the delivery of a high-quality finished product. When your product involves multiple components, we work with each component manufacturer on your behalf, directly and locally – even handling product assembly if you choose.
  • Complete supply chain management – giving us the flexibility to arrange and schedule materials purchase from various suppliers on your behalf, to reduce your staff’s workload, manage costs, and align with your product delivery needs. If you prefer, we can work with materials shipped directly to us for your project.

AEM adheres to stringent standards and employs every measure to ensure products that meet your expectations. Our facilities strictly adhere to confidentiality, non-disclosure, and non-compete agreements.

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